Don’t Just Give a Damn Pledge Ideas 2018-10-08T09:20:49+00:00

Don’t Just Give a Damn

Pledge Ideas

Keep it authentic, positive, and inspiring.

  • Make a┬ápositive and inspiring message that reflects your personal beliefs.
  • Inspire others to make a pledge, too.

Focus on prevention.

  • Intimate partner violence can happen to anyone, but together we can change it.
    Consider a message that will inspire you and others who may see your photo.
  • Emphasize your commitment to prevention violence and abuse.
  • Stress the values of a healthy relationship.

Send a safe message.

  • Remind people that there is no shame in being a victim and that they can get help.
  • Refrain from language that idealizes abusive behavior or might be insensitive to victims and their families.
  • Never encourage someone to leave without seeking help or developing a safety plan.
  • Never mention taking violent action against abusers.

Offer trusted resources.