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Don’t Just Give a Damn

Safety Policy

We are committed to your safety. Therefore, we will screen all images and written content submitted to the Saving Promise website and our social media channels to check if they adhere to our safety guidelines. We reserve the right not to use any submissions that we deem inappropriate for sharing with the community. Images and written submissions will not appear online if their content:

  • Is used for any illegal purposes;
  • Promotes any form of violence;
  • Could cause evident risk to victims or their families;
  • Contains any language or images perceived as insensitive to or exploiting domestic violence victims and their families;
  • Glorifies abusive behavior (e.g. extreme jealousy as a sign of affection);
  • Publicizes other people’s private information;
  • Includes any threatening, abusive, hateful, libelous, vulgar, profane, offensive, or indecent information.

The Saving Promise staff and volunteers will make every reasonable effort to restrict the dissemination of any content that puts someone at risk or contains harmful messaging. However, Saving Promise is not liable for any user submissions. The user is solely responsible for his or her submission of an image and permission to publish it.

If you believe your submission has been removed despite meeting our safety policy, please contact us at with an explanation of what you believe is an error. 


Less-identifying features. Instead of photographing your face, consider putting the sign over your face and any parts of yourself or environment that could reveal your identity.

Camera Angle. Turn your face away from the camera, instead of photographing it directly.

Lighting. Use back lighting to cast a shadow on your face. You can do this by standing next to bright light or having your back turned to the camera. Another option for obscuring your face is to place a semi-translucent sheet that’s backlit between yourself and the camera.

Submitting Your Picture. Beware that your internet activities can be monitored. Therefore, if you are in an abusive situation or if there’s any concern for your safety and/or your computer security, we recommend that you do not submit an image.