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Group & Organizational Resources

African-American Resources:

The Black Church and Domestic Violence Institute

Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community

An Abuse, Rape and Domestic Aid and Resource Collection (African American Violence Resource)

Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center (African Americans)

Incite (Women of Color Against Violence)

Asian Resources:

 Asian/Pacific Islander Domestic Violence Resource Project

Manavi (Increase Awareness of Women’s Rights for South Asian Women)

Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence

New York Asian Women’s Center

Asian Women Shelter

Elder Resources:

National Clearinghouse on Abuse in Later Life

Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Resources:

Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project

Another Closet  (Domestic Violence in Gay and Lesbian Relationships)

Jewish Resources:

Jewish Women International

The Awareness Center (Jewish Coalition Against Sexual Abuse / Assault (JCASA))

Barnes Jewish Hospital (Domestic Violence Resources)

Faith Trust Institute (Jewish Program)

Bibliography of Sexual and Domestic Violence in the Jewish Community

Latino Resources:

National Latino Alliance for the Elimination of Domestic Violence (ALIANZA)

An Abuse, Rape and Domestic Violence Aid and Resource Collection (Latino Resources)

Latinas and Domestic Violence

Men Support Services and Resources:

Amen (Support Services for Male Victims of Domestic Violence)

Abused Men (The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence)

Domestic Violence Against Men

Fathers Are Capable Too (Supporting a Child’s Right to Both Parents)

Fathers for Life

Everyman (A Website for Men)

Men Activism (A community of news stories and announcements related to men’s issues)

MESA (Mens Educational Support Association)

Men Web (Help for Battered Men)

Gay Men’s Domestic Violence Project

Men Stopping Violence (Educating and Advocating  for Change)

Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women

Military Resources:

Women’s Law (Military and Domestic Violence)

Native American Resources:

Mending the Sacred Hoop Technical Assistance Project (Native American Women & Children)

Sacred Circle (National Resource Center To End Violence Against Native Women)

National Organization for Women

Teens & Young Women:

Family Violence Prevention Fund: Teens & Partner Violence

Break the Cycle

National Youth Advocacy Coalition

National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center 

National Center for Victims of Crime: Teen Victim Project

Advocates for Youths

Kent County DVCCRT: Resources for Teens

Women Empowerment Organizations and Resources:

Ms. Foundation for Women

National Women’s Political Caucus

Feminist Majority Foundation (Working for Women’s Equality)

Second Chance Employment Services