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Our Challenge

Intimate partner violence is a major public health problem and preventing it has profound strategic importance. What is needed are more sophisticated research to understand the true scope of intimate partner violence, evidence-based strategies to shift the conversation from intervention to prevention and cross-sector collaborations because no one individual, community or organization can solve this public health crisis on its own. Watch the video to learn more.

1 in 3

women and men in the United States will experience IPV during their lifetime.

50 million

women, men and children in the United States experience IPV each year.

$460 billion

is the estimated annual cost of IPV to the United States economy.

“This is a major societal problem that we need to collectively come together to do something about.” 
Husseini K. Manji, MD, FRCPC, Global Therapeutic Head for Neuroscience
Janssen Research & Development

“There is voluminous literature… linking exposure to violence and other adverse events to a range of health problems… injuries, mental health problems, reproductive health issues, chronic disease, alcohol and drug abuse.” 
Jim Mercy, PhD, Director of the Division of Violence Prevention
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

“The global costs of violence against women and children are 50 times greater than the global costs of civil war violence.”
James D. Fearon, PhD, Professor
Stanford University