Our Founding Principles 2019-01-02T10:13:29+00:00

What if…

Little girls like Promise didn’t have to worry and little boys didn’t have to feel ashamed because they had nowhere to turn.

Our society talked openly about a crisis that affects millions of women, men and children in the U.S.

Researchers, leaders, influencers, innovators and health care providers joined together to deploy innovative evidence-based strategies focused on preventing intimate partner violence.

Workplaces became a safe haven for their employees by providing resources that empower them to take action.

Health care providers played an active role in the screening, intervention and prevention of intimate partner violence.

Schools made dating violence prevention a mandatory curriculum that modeled and taught our children what a healthy relationship looks like.

We were more proactive than reactive and helped people before they are harmed or, even worse, killed.

A spirited community of people, institutions, corporations, public and private entities pooled their collective resources, attention and talent to empower a safer, healthier world that is free of intimate partner violence.

We mobilized a movement that galvanized us all to stand up for little girls like Promise and turned this public health crisis into a national priority.

These are our Founding Principles that guide all of us at Saving Promise, alongside our partners, to work tirelessly every day to make this a reality.