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Trineka Greer

Having worked in the nonprofit sector for over a decade, Trineka Greer is not allergic to hard work. In her current position as the Director of Communications at PICO California, a multi-faith-based and multi-racial community organizing network, she is the gatekeeper of all marketing, communications, social media, strategic story-telling, and media relations initiatives. As a member of the leadership team, Trineka also contributes to the strategic planning and visioning of the organization. Previously, she served as the Director of Communications at NABA, Inc. and also as the Director of Communications & Development at Heads Up and Vice President of Development & Communications at Urban League of Central Carolinas where she was responsible for designing fundraising and communications strategies. Because of her strong development background, Trineka understands how to leverage targeted communications, marketing, and media relations activities to contribute to the bottom line.

As an English Instructor, Trineka leverages her eight years of college level teaching experience in her communications roles. She believes that there must be reciprocity in the learning exchange and as such she must be open to learning as much from her students as she intends to teach them. Trineka has taught at Pennsylvania State University, University of North Carolina Charlotte, Winthrop University, and Glendale Community College.

Domestic violence advocacy and empowering girls and women are Trineka’s greatest personal passions. In addition to Saving Promise, she also serves as Board Member – Public Relations Chair for Joyful Transformations, Inc. Furthermore, she volunteered with the Domestic Violence Healthcare Project in Charlotte, NC for four years providing crisis counseling in a hospital setting to DV survivors. During that time, Trineka also dedicated her time to educating the community about domestic violence as an active member of the United Family Services Speaker’s Bureau. Trineka currently volunteers at City Team a rehabilitation ministry where she teaches job and life skills to men living onsite in City Team’s extensive residential drug treatment program.

Trineka holds a Master of Arts in English from The Pennsylvania State University and she is a member of the International Association of Business Communicators. Her strategy for success is simple, she lets her work speak for itself and she infuses passion into every project. Since receiving her Master’s degree, Trineka has only taken roles for which there is some degree of passion and challenge. Trineka states, “My passion fuels me and without it my natural skills and talent cannot fully manifest. I honor that in the professional and volunteer roles that I choose for myself.”