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What We Do

We are advancing evidence-based strategies, cross-sector collaborations and front line engagement to prevent intimate partner violence.

We are the CONVENER

We bring together leading experts to work collaboratively to prevent intimate partner violence, each engaging their time, talent and resources to:

  • Exchange ideas and foster new insights
  • Research, explore and develop groundbreaking evidence-based prevention strategies
  • Share discovery and innovation across disciplines

We bring COMMUNITIES together

We mobilize a movement to transform the way people think about intimate partner violence in our communities and shift the focus to prevention. We will:

  • Engage hearts and minds
  • Create a cultural shift
  • Inspire people to take action


We break down the silos and employing cross-sector collaborations that bring together a consortium of public and private leaders, stakeholders and partners. Together we will:

  • Build synergies with existing efforts
  • Shine a light on what’s working and sunset what’s not working
  • Mobilize to work smarter, not harder

We catalyze through COMMUNICATION

Our communications platform connects individuals and communities with the latest in intimate partner violence prevention programs, best practices and policies. We will:

  • Reach broad and also deliberately targeted audiences
  • Shift the conversation from intervention to prevention
  • Spark social change