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William M Genovese

William (Bill) Genovese is a Senior Technology Executive with over 24 years of experience, and has held a variety of Executive Leadership positions such as Vice President of Strategy, CIO, CTO, Principal Adviser, Executive Architect, Senior Manager and Senior Consultant. Bill is currently Vice President- Corporate Strategy Research and Planning – Banking, Financial Markets and IT Services for Huawei Technologies, in Shenzhen, China. Prior to joining Huawei, Bill spent most of his career with IBM, KPMG, and Wells Fargo Bank working in living in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

He has a proven track record comprised of leadership through consulting, design, and implementation of Enterprise IT systems on an enterprise scale for global organizations. His passion includes raising architectural maturity for organizations by aligning business and technical strategy, and leading and inspiring people to deliver outcomes and drive increased performance. He has a high level of expertise including business engagement and technical leadership with a proven ability to partner, execute, and deliver cross-enterprise portfolio level initiatives focused on the convergence of data and analytics, digitization, and cloud computing through Enterprise Architecture.

Bill has his Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Western Connecticut State University, and he has attended the University of Connecticut with a concentration in Business and Finance, and has completed continuous technical education, as a instructor, mentor, coach and student, and he holds a number of technical certifications.